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Welcome to my Brain, or at least one of my favorite corners of it.
My name is Greg Carlson, EyemnKogneeto { I'm incognito }is my other personality who loves to paint.

This website is the collection of the bizarre stuff in my head, even though its most likely a discombobulated representation of it, it is what it is. Basically this site is a portfolio of my art, although it's not a complete one and hopefully not a finished one but it's the paintings and photos I'm posting on here today. A more complete portfolio will be made available soon (these can be requested).
I also enjoy photography a whole lot and there’s a photo gallery around here somewhere with a few travel pics and a few surreal pics ( my other favorite medium ). I would love a large format camera, I think that would be sweet but my Nikon will do for now.
I will be updating this site irregularly so please c'mon back, ya hear!

I do hope you enjoy my art even if you don't, thank you for visiting my site.

"You know that moment when Dorothy opens the door and WHAM!, everything is technicolor and slightly different?, that’s how I see the world every second." ~ Eyemnkogneeto
My duck Fred.
Surrealism is the way, especially when you see finally see it
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