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Welcome to my Brain, or at least one of my favorite corners of it.
My name is Greg Carlson, EyemnKogneeto { I'm incognito }is my other personality who loves to paint.

This website is the collection of the bizarre stuff in my head, even though its most likely a discombobulated representation of it, it is what it is. Basically this site is a portfolio of my art, although it's not a complete one and hopefully not a finished one but it's the paintings and photos I'm posting on here today. A more complete portfolio will be made available soon (these can be requested).
I also enjoy photography a whole lot and there’s a photo gallery around here somewhere with a few travel pics and a few surreal pics ( my other favorite medium ). I would love a large format camera, I think that would be sweet but my Nikon will do for now.
I will be updating this site irregularly so please c'mon back, ya hear! I do hope you enjoy my art even if you don't, thank you for visiting my site.

My father fishing om west twin with a t-shirt under his hat. His boat is named "Crappy Day"

"You know that moment when Dorothy opens the door and WHAM!, everything is technicolor and slightly different?, that’s how I see the world every second." ~ Eyemnkogneeto
My duck Fred.
Surrealism is the way, especially when you see finally see it
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