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This is a small but ever growing gallery of a few of my paintings and drawings, I pray it's not a complete portfolio but only a small representation of a much larger body of work.
I paint or do some form of creating art everyday, it's important to me to practice (even when I'm making scrap), it's a lesson I was recently reminded of by an old friend ( Thanx M C ).
I devoted my life to art and music, with absolute conviction I can say, I didn't choose the wrong path, I chose the right one.
I hope you enjoy my art and possibly get inspired enough not to give up chasing your own dreams, this crazy world just needs more artists, creativity and inspiration.
We only become old when we fear chasing our dreams appears childish, I am forever young.
Thanx for visiting! Please send me feedback from the contact page

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Surrealism is the way, especially when you see finally see it
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